Birds Blur Together

Image of Birds Blur Together


WORMS Press 004
Poems by Lesser Gonzalez Alvarez & R.M. O'Brien
42 pages; 4.5" x 6"

"I Made Up a Dance Where" — "Ice Man" — "Things About Yr Girlfriend" — "Poem [‘Dim Shape, I have a part for you’]" — "Love Poem" — "Moon/Finger Poem" — "Couplets" — "Statues" — "Try" — "Poem [‘The house breathed’]" — "Poem [‘How many things’]" — "Poem [‘(The fading moon’]" — "Germs" — "Sad" — "Connexion" — "Poem [‘my body on the examination table—’]" — "Poem [‘a poem is a list’]" — "Poem [‘Some nights I think of indulging all my impulses’]" — "We Give Beauty..." — "Bad Idea for a Movie" — "Autobiography" — "Stars Without Their Make Up" — "Truism" — "Either You Are in the Light or You Are Out" — "Poem [‘Ours is a notion left of a city once its inhabitants have ceased to experience it’]"

Edition of 125